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Winter takes a short break (or a melt in the park)

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December 26, 2012 · 4:25 pm

The Planets and the Cockerel

Whilst visiting part of the Marchauen Donau National Park I came across this rather interesting weather vane:

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Reflections in the water

I was down on the Danube Island recently and was taken with these reflections in the water:








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Do you have a Car2go scheme where you are?

You see them all over Vienna now, small white and blue Smart Fortwo microcars tucked away in a line of parked vehicles (only noticeable amongst their much larger brethren due to the distinctive livery) or weaving through the city’s traffic. There are some four hundred such cars in operation across the city and they form the fleet for Vienna’s latest transport option – the Car2go  scheme.

Car2go is a car sharing scheme which was recently launched here in Vienna. With the aid of a Smartphone app and an electronic key, members simple locate the nearest parked car, hop in and drive off. When finished they equally simply park up and walk away. One big advantage of the scheme is you can park without restriction in the various city parking zones. A downside, voiced by some people, is that there are now additional cars taking up the limited parking spaces within the city. This ‘problem’ may dissipate if the scheme, over time, is successful at encouraging people to give-up or not replace their cars.

The cost of driving the car is reasonably set and of course you have insurance cover. It should be noted though that like any rental scheme you are liable for the first part of any costs. A friend of mine who likes sitting down and doing such things has calculated that the scheme is cheaper than taking a taxi. However, the latter is still the best option if you want a single glass of wine or beer while out as alcohol in the blood stream would nullify the insurance on the Car2go I’m told.

Such a car sharing scheme is one example of the ways in which city authorities across Europe are trying to develop the concept of a ‘smart city’, in this case addressing the dimension of ‘smart mobility’.

I know some friends who have just signed up for the scheme and I look forward to hearing their views on its pros and cons.

Wikipedia provides some further background to the scheme which is also found in parts of America, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands.

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Mountain springs, 36 hours, 65 million kilowatt hours of power, and my tap.

The Vienna ‘Now Or Never’ Facebook site has been flagging up the fact that today is ‘World Water Day’ and that 950 Viennese fountains and drinking water fountains have started ‘bubbling again’.

They’ve also been promoting this link to the story on their website about the city’s water supply.  For Vienna residents there is no need to buy bottled water if we want to enjoy mountain spring water, we simply have to turn on the tap in the kitchen. The water flowing into our glasses has traveled, without pumps, for 36 hours from mountain springs in the Syrian/Lower Austrian Alps and along the way has helped to generate 65 million kilowatt hours of power.

Well time for another glass of fresh spring water to celebrate the day.

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Vienna ranked world’s 5th best student city

Interesting article here on the Modul University website which highlights research ranking Vienna No2 in Europe and 5th in the world for best student city,  it got me wondering how the university would rank in terms of best location and views given its position in the hills looking out across the city?

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Frozen lake leads to overcrowding

I had no problems, yesterday, getting a few close-ups of birdlife on the Old Danube:

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