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This made me laugh. Catchy song and fun video

Well done to the students at Vienna’s MODUL Uni for making fun music video – not bad PR for the Uni and City.





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Vienna ranked world’s 5th best student city

Interesting article here on the Modul University website which highlights research ranking Vienna No2 in Europe and 5th in the world for best student city,  it got me wondering how the university would rank in terms of best location and views given its position in the hills looking out across the city?

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Students call for tuition fees!

Given all the debate in Britain about tuition fees I was interested to read that one group of students here in Austria were calling for their introduction.

Last week the Young Liberals gained seats in the Student Parliament on a platform that included the introduction of tuition fees. If I’ve got this right, they argue that the (right progressive) system (with loans) is more socially just than free education as the latter is funded by the general population most of whom does not go into higher education. Again if I’ve got this right, they also argue that it would increase opportunities for entry into higher education and give universities more freedom.

One day my German lessons may finally pay-off and I will be able to get a fuller picture of life here in Austria. In the meantime I will just have to struggle on with Google translate, secondary English language sources, and the few little grey cells I have left.

For those with a better understanding of German I include the link to the interview with Claudia Gamon the leader of the Young Liberals from der Standard:

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Postscript to Study in Austria

The online piece about MODUL University was quite short, but I’ve heard that the university was featured extensively in the actual supplement ‘Europe Focus – study abroad’ published in England yesterday (26th May) by The Independen​t.

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Study in Austria – Vienna’s MODUL University highlighted in UK newspaper

The UK’s Independent Newspaper has highlighted Vienna’s MODUL University amongst potential options for British students wanting to study abroad. Seems like a good move if you fancy a degree with good job prospects and the chance to live somewhere different – though I’m biased as I know a few people from the Uni and I’m of course a complete Vienna nut.  However, if I was looking for a good university (abroad which teaches in English) with the additional benefits of life in a city made for students, MODUL and Vienna would be in my top five to check out. The university also benefits from being situated on the edge of Vienna Woods with a wonderful view across the city.

The article says ‘In Austria, Vienna’s MODUL University has courses including a BBA in tourism and hospitality management, an MSc in international tourism and an MBA in tourism management…… 60 per cent of the university’s cohort is made up of international students from more than 50 different countries.’

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