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New Year debate generates little poll movement

The first polls of 2013 are in and the mid-January running average  (of the last five polls) suggests that the recent headline grabbing issues of conscription, asylum, crime, and corruption have had little effect on the standing of the Parties ratings:

SPÖ 27.0%; ÖVP 22.6%; FPÖ 20.8%; Greens 14.2%; BZÖ 2.4%; Team Stronach 9.4%; Others 3.6%*

Two of the last five polls specifically asked about the KPÖ (Austrian Communist Party) who were the big winners in the Graz City elections late latest year. The earlier poll gave them support of 4%, which in the more recent survey was down to 2%. It will be interesting to see how the Left Alliance fighting the State election in Kärnten performs. This group of breakaway Social Democrats, Communists and others may give an indication of the potential support for a Left grouping in this year’s General Election.

Based on the polls in which they were specifically identified the Austrian Pirate Party are averaging 1.4%.


*Sources: Gallup/oe24 13-01-13
Oekonsult 11-01-13
Market/Standard 02-01-13
Gallup/oe24 30-12-12
Market/Standard 16-12-12


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