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Liberalism in Austria – a little more knowledge

My efforts to understand the political landscape of Austria and increase my knowledge of the various political grouping took a step further forward, last evening, with an interesting and helpful exchange of tweets with Claudia Gamon of the Austrian Young Liberals.

As the exchange was in the public domain and political groups generally want to promote their ideas, I have reproduced the exchange below. My thanks to Claudia for taking the time to answer my questions:

Claudia: I’ll gladly answer all questions regarding Austria’s Young Liberal’s policy ideas, if you’re still interested 😉

Graham: Always interested to know more about fellow Liberals. Particularly keen to understand more about liberalism here in Austria.

Graham: ‘Liberal family’ is quite a broad church. Uk Lib Dems tend to be left of centre while German FDP more centre right. JuLis?

Claudia: we take the holistic approach of being both economically and socially liberal

Claudia: stemming from the idea that you can’t take a person’s private freedom, nor the one of his business 😉

Graham: So what do you see as the role of the Market and the State in relation to the individual and the economy?

Claudia: in relation to the individual: minimal. Only to create equal opportunities and help those who can’t help themselves

Claudia: to the economy: to provide a functioning, effective, competitive market and never more.

Graham: Markets are often better option, but often imperfect & sometimes can’t deliver. Or are you arguing completely free market?

Claudia: I wouldn’t: state regulation is there to provide the framework for an efficient market. To a certain, limited, extent.

Graham: Given the concentrations of wealth and power how do you create equal opportunities with a minimal state?

Claudia: in Austria it’s most definitely a problem of our unfair education system: chances are unequal from the age of 10 upwards

Graham: Agreed education is central but some of these problems linked to gap between rich & poor communities. How do you bridge gap?

Graham: Thanks for the chat this evening. Two other questions when you have time. 1. How do you differ from the other parties….

Graham: ……2. There is talk of a new Party or Parties being formed in Austria. Could a new Liberal Party be successful?

Once again, many thanks to Claudia for taking time for the exchange of tweets and giving me a little more insight, especially within the limits of twitters 140 characters 🙂

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