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Best AV video yet?

Rather liked this contribution to the debate on the alternative voting system for the UK:


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You think AV is complicated? Just round up some 8 year olds…

Ok you really think AV is complicated, don’t worry help is at hand. For your homemade AV crash course you’ll need two or three eight year olds friends (more if you’ve got a lot of energy) with a passionate desire to have fun together. Now add your run of the mill Theme Park and probably a bank loan (if there’s a bank that will to lend you some of the money we’ve given them).

Right now put all the above ingredients together, stand back and observe. For maximum understanding its best to let the kids have a whole day at the Park, this will provide more sufficient empirical evidence but actually is more about fun for the kids – payback for being guinea pigs in your educational experiment.  What you will observe is the kids continuously ordering their ride preferences in that complicated AV away of numbering things 1, 2, 3.  Votes are rapidly accounted and preferences transferred all to achieve the most democratic outcome or as they put it ‘having the best day’ possible. So accomplished is your average 8 year old at this form of voting that they will apply it to other group decision making activities such as choosing drink and food preferences. What’s more in no time at all you’ll find yourself participating in this voting system with no problem at all – until of course dictatorship is reasserted and one grown-up one vote says time for home.

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Quote and misquote, plus more on AV referendum in UK

I rather like this piece in Mark Pack’s blog. Mr Cameron or his speech writers should choose more carefully who to quote:


If you haven’t already seen them, here are a couple more video’s on the AV question, I particular recommend the amusing David Schneider:



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