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Vienna Thriller Night

Thanks to a bout of flu it looks like I’ll miss tomorrows (20th Sept 2011) 7th Krimi Nacht (Crime Night) begin staged at Cafes across the city. Personally I would have been heading for one of my favourite venues Cafe Schopenhauser in the 18th district.

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Schopenhauser revisited

Meeting up with a friend this morning and once again I find myself in Cafe Schopenhauser. This is definitely becoming one of my regular Vienna Coffeehouse choices. The coffee and service in excellent and the atmosphere is always relaxed and welcoming. Added to this it has a no smoking policy which means you don’t have to suffer in order to enjoy your coffee and newspaper. It offers friend Wi-Fi connection and is also a rather child friendly cafe which is always a plus as I usually have H (and often one or more of her friends) for company.


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