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Climate Change – good for some Austrian businesses in the UK market

Interesting piece here in the ‘Austrian Times’ about Austrian know-how helping the UK to adopt Passive House technology, as the country seeks to reduce its CO2 emissions by making new building energy efficient and sustainable.

Austria is said to be one of the leaders when it comes to sustainable building. As the ‘Austrian Times’ highlights,  ‘….at Ecobuild in London, the leading trade fair for sustainable building, Austria had the biggest presence with 500 square metres of exhibition space and 28 exhibiting companies on one group stand. A further six Austrian companies took part independently. From solar energy solutions, bio-mass heating, heating pumps, windows, the Tirol wood companies and pre-fabricated houses, the “Made in Austria” brand dominated with a strong presence.’

Thus while there is continuing concern in the country about the impact of climate change on key sectors such as Tourism (with its high value winter sports threatened by the loss of glaciers and reduced snowfall in the Alps), other important areas of the economy look to benefit from the export of Austria know-how.

For those in the UK who want to tap into more home-grown expertise and creativity then they merely need to take a trip to the wilds of South Holland, in Lincolnshire, and the eco-dynamism of Jeremy Harrall and SEArch Architects


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Nuclear & Low Carbon debates – UK, Austria, EU

A few of the articles I’ve found of interest recently:







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The humble urban backyard can help save the planet says RHS report

The good news, from a report commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society, says that there
are four key areas in which gardens make a difference to our environment. The
bad news is that I now have even less excuse for not spending more time working
in the garden:


Adding a pond, as well as additional trees and bushes, has increased the resident and visiting wildlife population in our garden. Amongst those visiting are dragonfly of various sizes and colours:


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The environmental movement’s dilemmas?

Okay time to sit down with your coffee or other lubrication of preference and read these two pieces by George Monbiot. Afterwards you’ll need some time to go make another drink and then think seriously about what he’s saying:



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A good read on the climate change debate

Today in the Independent there is a really interesting piece about climate change:


The exchange doesn’t really move the debate forward but it does provide a great summary of the core arguments for and against in the climate change debate.

Personally I’m a believer but can be sceptical about some of the solutions that are put forward. I often get irritated and concerned that climate change arguments get used to justify other causes and beliefs. This lazy and/or politically selective use of climate change arguments can then obscure the real issues and damages wider the environmental movement.

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Climate change link

Interesting article in the Independent about scientists for the first time being ‘able to plot with any confidence the link between the extreme weather with man-made greenhouse gases’.


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Forests and climate

Making sense of the headlines, propaganda (of both sides) and the actual science of your average ‘green’ issue can take a bit of an effort. Personally I find it helps to read a few related articles together as this gives me a greater opportunity to connect the dots, understand the issues and spot the spin.

Three recent articles from the Independent Newspaper provide an interesting picture of the links between our forests and climate:




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