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So do we really live in a global village?

Following up on a tweet by @Liberaldemokrat I’ve just read a rather interesting article in Die Presse.com:


Luckily for me Google translate does a reasonable job on this occasion and I recommend the article (with translation) to other mono-linguistic English readers.

Decided to look for something by Pankaj Ghemawat and found this fairly recent blog post in English covering some of the points from the Die Presse article:


Personally I’m not sold on the idea that globalisation is automatically a bad thing nor that we really do all now live in some mono cultural global village, so I found Pankaj Ghemawat’s ideas of particular interest. Looks like globalisation will now go on my summer reading list along with research on the Austrian first and second republics, and various areas of Liberal thought. This excitement will of course be balanced with the more mundane work of visiting vineyards and attending Austria Wien and First Vienna football matches 🙂

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