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‘The public reaction to new power lines could kill renewable energy: they must be buried’ writes George Monbiot

I’ve been catching up on some of my favourite blogs. If you haven’t seen it already, this article by George Monbiot is well worth a read:


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Nuclear Power No Thanks? – Have you talked to George Monbiot?

Austria is a country with strongly anti-nuclear sentiments. There are no nuclear power stations in the country. A referendum in 1978 came out narrowly against plans to build the country’s first Nuclear Plant in Zwentendorf, Lower Austria and I’m reasonable convinced that a similar popular vote today would be overwhelmingly opposed. In Austria it’s not just the Greens
who have anti-nuclear stickers, even the far right put their party label on the on the anti-nuclear logo.

Austrians have long had concerns, and campaigned about, the nuclear power plant across the border in the Czech Republic. This week sees reports of 204,000 people signing a petition organised by the Viennese Social Democrat Environment Councillor, Ulli Sima, against the expansion of a nuclear power plant in neighbouring Slovakia:


On the European stage the Austrian Chancellor (for British readers – Prime Minister) Werner Faymann has called for a Europe with no nuclear power stations:


Over recent months, I’ve been following with interest the energy debate in the UK and in particular the arguments aroused by George Monbiot, who has been taking a pro-nuclear stance from a green movement perspective. If you haven’t seen his articles on the subject I would definitely recommend you to take a look. I start from an anti-nuclear stance but an open mind. If you do read the article I’ve attached also read some of the comments posted below it and have a look at his previous contributions – not everyone pro or anti is exactly open minded, rational, or even just coherent when it comes to this debate.


George Monbiot is also well worth following on twitter -@GeorgeMonbiot




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The environmental movement’s dilemmas?

Okay time to sit down with your coffee or other lubrication of preference and read these two pieces by George Monbiot. Afterwards you’ll need some time to go make another drink and then think seriously about what he’s saying:



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Nuclear power – for and against in the EU

The Austrian Times is carrying two articles today that highlight the very different views on Nuclear Power and the way forward for energy policy as seen from the perspective of two EU member states.



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