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First Vienna Football Club and the Rothschild scarf

Some readers who follow my Twitter and/or Instagram accounts may have seen this picture taken last Friday of my new First Vienna scarf. It has on one side the name of the team and on the other the name of a group of Vienna fans – Partisan Rothschild.

2013-03-08 19.21.13

I’ve been asked by a few people ‘Why Rothschild?’ The answer is connected to the clubs history. As you can read further here at Wikipedia, FVFC was founded by English and Austrian gardeners working for Nathaniel Anselm von Rothschild. He got so fed-up with the gardeners playing football on his lawns he gave them a piece of land to play on and yellow-blue jockey shirts from his riding stables.

2013-03-08 19.29.28

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