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Winter Kings at the end of a great first half of football

This afternoon Austria Wien will play their last game before the winter break. Whatever the result FAK are already ‘Winter Kings’ and with a win against Sturm Graz the team will be 7 points clear of Salzburg in second and 10 points ahead of Rapid Wien back in third place.

It’s been a remarkable turnaround in the team’s fortunes when compared to events in the second half of the 2011-12 season. Under the management of Peter Stöger virtually the same team has become record breaking league leaders. I believe we have the highest ever number of points secured at the winter break, the team’s defensive record is superb having conceded the fewest goals in the league (15), and our attack has scored 45 goals only 2 behind Salzburg (who have played one game more at the time of writing).

One significant addition to the team is striker Philipp Hosiner, who is not only a pleasure to watch but according to the Uefa coefficient is currently amongst the top strikers in Europe, alongside the likes of Lionel Messi.

It’s been a whole team effort but a few players, in addition to Philipp Hosiner, have stood out. The promotion of Fabian Koch to a regular starting place in the back line has been one of the manager’s standout decisions. In the other full back position, Marcus Suttner has deserved the accolade – first chanted by one of my fellow #planetviola friends – ‘Marcus Suttner football god’. Our defensive strength in no small part has been secured by the defensive midfield role superbly played Austria Wien’s very own Australian, James Holland. Finally, but by no means least, the solid defensive play and team leadership of our Captain Manuel Ortlechner cannot go without mention.

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It’s been a great first half. I’m looking forward to the kick-off of the Spring season on the 16th February and another superb set of performances by Austria. As luck would have it we start the second half of the season with the Vienna derby – a chance to put a bigger gap between Austria and our local rivals Rapid. The season will end with an away trip to Salzburg – currently the only team who look capable of challenging us for the title.


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How do football clubs choose a captain?

In English football, as a general rule, the club manager usually picks the player they feel is most suitable for the role of club captain. The approach at Austria Wien has been a little different with the players holding a vote today on who should lead the team and the result being that Manuel Ortlechner has replaced Roland Linz.

There has been much discussion amongst my Austria Wien circle of friends (and fellow supporters on twitter) over the last month about the captaincy. Whilst there have been different views about who should become the new captain, the general consensus was that a change would be good for the team. It’s not therefore surprising that amongst my circle of Viola fans the news has been greeted with smiles.

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The bar and the big one

If you can’t get to the away match the next best thing is to spend the early evening in the bar watching the game with your fellow supporters.

There was no possibility of getting to Innsbruck, last weekend, to watch Austria Wien and so I met up with friends at the club bar to watch the match live on TV. The atmosphere and a win for Austria made for a very enjoyable evening, lubricated by the occasional beer. One of those few things I truly miss about England is a pint of real ale from the pump, I just can’t get used to drinking lager – even if the quality of the offering here in Vienna is significantly better than your average English lager. The match itself demonstrated that at times Austrian football can be as good as that seen at an English Premier game or one of the better Championship matches.

Results at the weekend left Austria Wien still sitting at the top of the table and added additional spice to this coming weekend’s big derby game against Rapid Wien. Since the second half of the season started, Austria’s results have propelled them into first place. This improved position has also coincided with yours truly attending home games with my newly acquired season ticket. Alas I doubt my presence has actually added anything to the teams’ performance but may have provided some additional entertainment to those around – particularly due to my habit of jumping up from my seat to provide (in English) much need advice to the referee or their assistants.

This year is the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of Austria Wien, which was originally formed by members of Vienna’s Jewish community in 1911. Winning the league is always something to enjoy (though not something I’ve experienced as a supporter of Leicester City), but to win the title in the clubs anniversary year would be something to remember.

The performance of Austria has gone some way to provide some small comfort, as through the internet, I follow the fortunes of Leicester City. After a run of results that placed them just outside the Championship play-off places their progress in recent weeks has been stalled by a set of poor results. I remain ever hopeful (though this goes against the deep rooted traditions of Leicester fans) that with luck and a change of fortune the team will still sneak into the final play-off place.

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