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Austria or Salzburg – In the Premiership title race who do the remaining fixtures favour?

With five games left to play in the Austrian Premiership Austria have a 6 points lead over Salzburg, who will be our opponents in the final game of the season.

The tables below show where each side has lost points in the thirty-one matches played. If as I believe (hope and pray) Austria win the title it will in part be thanks to the performances of our local rivals Rapid against Salzburg.

Looking at the remaining five games, of Salzburg’s remaining opponents four of the teams have taken points from them this season – Admira, Wiener Neustadt, Ried, and Austria. In comparison Austria have to face only two teams against whom they have dropped points, Wiener Neustadt and Salzburg.


Austria’s lost points


Salzburg’s lost points

Sturm Graz W:D:D   Rapid W:W:D
Salzburg W:D:D   Ried W:D
WAC D:W   Admira D:D
Wiener Neustadt D   Austria D:D
Rapid D   Neustadt D
      Sturm D
      WAC D

A six point lead and a better record against our remaining opponents, this should be Austria’s title. However, things might be tricky if we need a point on the last day of the season away to Salzburg.


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Seven out of eight days football – what to do on Thursday?

Leicester’s FA Cup semi-final match is on the TV tomorrow so that answers the ‘what to do on a Sunday afternoon?’ question. However, before that there is the small matter of First Vienna U11 Girls Teams debut league match in the morning.

But to get the next eight days started on the right note I’ll be heading off to Weiner Neustadt this afternoon to join other Viola fans in cheering on Austria Wien to another three points.

It was only a few weeks ago that I was writing about the frustrations of the winter break in Austrian football. Now with the season in full swing the coming week provides a chance to fully get back into the full torment, pain and occasional highs of being a football fan. If you follow me on twitter or Facebook and don’t like football you may wish to look away until a week on Sunday:

17th March Wiener Neustadt v Austria Wien (Going to game)

18th March SG Inter AGO v First Vienna U11 Girls (Going to game – hoping the girls can get a win in their first ever competitive league match but will be happy if they enjoy the game)

18th March Chelsea v Leicester City (Down the pub to watch on TV – rare chance to watch the team live and we could be heading for the FA Cup semi-finals)

19th March First Vienna U11 Girls squad – training session (Taking H to training)

20th March Mattersburg v Austria Wien (Going to game – not sure but I think Mattersburg are still officially the tallest team in Europe)

21st March First Vienna U11 Girls squad – training session (Taking H to training)

22nd March No football! (But coffeehouse time whilst H goes to Showtime – Vienna English Theatre Youth Group)

23rd March First Vienna FC v St. Pölten (Going to game – senior team desperately need a win as they sit 2nd from bottom in the Austria Erste Liga)

24th March Austria Wien v Sturm Graz (Going to game – if results have gone our way we could be back on top of the Austrian Premier Liga)

In between games and training sessions I’ll be fitting in some time for work, a coffeehouse or two, walking in Vienna’s beautiful countryside (the woods, nature reserves, parks & public spaces fill 50% of the state/city of Vienna), as well as occasionally sleeping 🙂

With the coming weeks schedule I’m reminded of the quote:

“Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.” Bill Shankly

It’s a favourite quote of mine but I thought I’d add it to the end of this post just to keep all the ‘my second team is Liverpool’ fans happy – there seem to be a lot of them occupying my timelines on Twitter and Facebook 🙂

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Good start

Congratulations to First Vienna who continued their good start to the season with a 1:0 home win last night, unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to go down and watch the match. Vienna are now second in the league with 7 points after three games:


On a frustrating note Austria Wien began their season on Sunday with a 2:0 away defeat to Salzburg. Luckily opening games are rarely an indication of how the season will unfold.

Frustration abounds as prior longstanding commitment mean that I’m unable to get down to Klagenfurt today to see Leicester City’s friendly against Bursaspor. Nor will I be able to make their match against Valencia on Saturday.

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Could this be heaven or hell?

The final round of Austrian Premier League matches kick-off tonight at 8.30pm local time. Austria Wien sits two points behind league leaders Sturm Graz. I and my fellow Austria Wien fans will have our focus split between our home game against third place Salzburg and Sturm’s home match against sixth place Innsbruck.

The odds are against us but this has all the makings of a club legend, in Austria Wien’s centenary year. So Forza Viola!

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Everything else is on hold until after the 25th May, now it’s all about the Football!

‘Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that’ (Bill Shankly).

I’ve always liked the above quote from the late great Bill Shankly. Between now and the 25th May these words are going to take on even greater meaning for the fans of the top three teams in the Austrian premier league.

With only three matches remain two points divide the top three:

Austrian Bundesliga

  1. Sturm Graz         57
  2. Salzburg               56
  3. Austria Wien     55

Shortly, I’ll be heading off to the stadium to watch Austria’s match. As ever, I’ll be full of that hope and dread that comes with following a team as you enter the ‘business end of the season’. Winning the league is always something you want to see your team do, but for Austria fans a win this season would be something special – it’s the 100th birthday of the club.

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3 Points

A 0:3 win for Leicester today. First Vienna drew their match 1:1 this weekend. Now for an Austria Wien win in the derby tomorrow 🙂

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The bar and the big one

If you can’t get to the away match the next best thing is to spend the early evening in the bar watching the game with your fellow supporters.

There was no possibility of getting to Innsbruck, last weekend, to watch Austria Wien and so I met up with friends at the club bar to watch the match live on TV. The atmosphere and a win for Austria made for a very enjoyable evening, lubricated by the occasional beer. One of those few things I truly miss about England is a pint of real ale from the pump, I just can’t get used to drinking lager – even if the quality of the offering here in Vienna is significantly better than your average English lager. The match itself demonstrated that at times Austrian football can be as good as that seen at an English Premier game or one of the better Championship matches.

Results at the weekend left Austria Wien still sitting at the top of the table and added additional spice to this coming weekend’s big derby game against Rapid Wien. Since the second half of the season started, Austria’s results have propelled them into first place. This improved position has also coincided with yours truly attending home games with my newly acquired season ticket. Alas I doubt my presence has actually added anything to the teams’ performance but may have provided some additional entertainment to those around – particularly due to my habit of jumping up from my seat to provide (in English) much need advice to the referee or their assistants.

This year is the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of Austria Wien, which was originally formed by members of Vienna’s Jewish community in 1911. Winning the league is always something to enjoy (though not something I’ve experienced as a supporter of Leicester City), but to win the title in the clubs anniversary year would be something to remember.

The performance of Austria has gone some way to provide some small comfort, as through the internet, I follow the fortunes of Leicester City. After a run of results that placed them just outside the Championship play-off places their progress in recent weeks has been stalled by a set of poor results. I remain ever hopeful (though this goes against the deep rooted traditions of Leicester fans) that with luck and a change of fortune the team will still sneak into the final play-off place.

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