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Frog (K)nights!

Well they don’t need swords, armour or steeds. The frogs and toads are out in force on these summer nights in an endless battle to decimate the slug population that is itself trying to eat its way through R’s vegetables.

One of the definite benefits of the pond has been the growth in the amphibian population of the garden. However, you do need to walk around the garden with care.

Some frog facts, more about amphibians and a strange story from Carinthia, Austria, for those interested:




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And then there were 1001!

On my return yesterday from our Easter trip to the Waldviertel I discovered that the pond had acquired some new residents in the shape of 100 plus tadpoles. A rough count this afternoon puts the tadpole population at over 1000. If nature does not take its course we could be facing an interesting plague of frogs 🙂

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