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One goal short of true happiness

There were a few tears, others were smiling but the joy was a little subdued. First Vienna U13 Girls, last Saturday, had progressed to the final of the indoor tournament only to face defeat to Landhaus U13 Girls.

First Vienna had progressed through four games in the girls’ football tournament undefeated and without conceding, only to lose by a single goal in a closely fought final. I suspect, as these two teams progressive through league and tournaments in coming years, there will be many more close run competitions between the two.









The eight teams that participated in the tournament came from Upper Austria, Lower Austria, and Vienna.





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Winning with skill and determination – First Vienna FC U13/U11 Girls

Last weekend the First Vienna FC U13 Girls secured their first win of the season. It was not just the 2:5 score line that left the girls, coaches and parents happy, it was the skill and commitment the girls demonstrated.

The weekend before saw the First Vienna FC U11 Girls secure an even more emphatic 1:12 win. Some pic’s from the game can be seen here

The U13 Girls have a tough season ahead but at the moment they are enjoying securing their first league points:

First Vienna FC U13/U11 Girls squad:

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That scoring feeling with First Vienna

Last Friday night the U11 Girls ran out with the First Vienna senior team…

It was a good night for First Vienna FC with a win over second placed Lustenau….

I got lucky and snapped the ball hitting the back of the net for the first goal in the teams’ 3:1 win…

The following morning the First Vienna U11 Girls were back on the pitch in their own game which ended in a 5:2 defeat….

But again I happen to get a picture of Vienna’s first goal….. 🙂

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First Vienna Girls Football Team…..takes to the field!

Next Saturday the First Vienna U11 Girls Football Team will take part in their third every competitive match still looking for that elusive first win.

Here are a few pictures of the girls in their first competitive game:

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Chance to join First Vienna’s Girls Football Teams

This coming Monday, 24 October 2011, at 17:00 there’s another chance for girls interested in playing football to try out for First Vienna’s Girls football teams. See link:


There are currently two teams training, in preparation for join competitive leagues next season, under 10’s and under 14’s. As the above article says, the immediate need is for goalkeepers for the 10 to 14 team but girls interested in playing in outfield positions or joining the 7 to 9 team are also welcome to trial.

H and the other girls in the two teams are very enthusiastic and are enjoying the very professionally delivered training. They are also tellme it’s also lots of fun 🙂

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First Vienna girls start training

H joined other girls at the Hohe Warte stadium, last Monday, for the second taster session and trial for First Vienna FC’s new girl’s football teams. With parents sitting in the stands watching on the club coaches took the girls through an hour long training session. The quality of footballing skill shown by many of the girls was highly impressive.

Now the serious effort will begin on the 26th September with the girls having twice weekly training sessions and playing friendly matches over the course of the season (and then entering league competition next year). For the parents watching on its going to be an entertaining but rather cold winter 🙂

Some images from Monday night:

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Do you remember?

So can you remember, when you were a child, the first time you attended a football match, a concert or some other event that you now take for granted? If you can recall that day then take a moment and try to recapture the feelings, the confusion, and the excitement of a completely new experience. On Tuesday evening I found myself in the unexpected role of guide and translator for a nine year old girl who had never been to a football match before. A friend of my daughter, her pleasure and wonder added to a fun family evening out watch First Vienna Football Club.

I’m sitting with my morning coffee and it’s the first quiet moment in the last few days, a period which has been dominated by nine year olds, football in general and girl’s football in particular. Since H went to the First Vienna girls football trials last Friday our world has been dominated by the all matters football. So when a friend of H came to stay for a sleepover the choice of DVD was ‘Bend it like Beckham’. By the morning well laid plans to take the girls to an adventure park had been kicked out the window by their instance that we spend the morning in the local park doing football training. By the evening we had wandered down to Sportsklub’s ground to watch the friendly between them and First Vienna.

Whist H has been attending football matches (Leicester City, Austria Wien, and First Vienna) since she was four, this First Vienna match was L’s first ever game. From standing in the queue for tickets to taking our seats L’s face was a mix of awe and confusion, I really had forgotten how different the experience of a football crowd can be in comparison to everyday life. Confusion turned into mild shock when she encountered the noise, sing and chanting of the crowd as the Vienna fans warmed up for kick-off. With a little encouragement from H the two girls were quickly into the swing of vocally giving their support. Just when they had settled into the rhythm of the crowd and the early stages of the game the Vienna bagpipes began to make their distinctive contribution, adding a new dimension and yet another look of surprise on L’s face. Given that both girls are bilingual, there was further pleasure and surprise for L when she realised that Vienna fans were switch between German and English as they moved from one song or chant to another.

As the match progressed L began to ask more and more questions about tactics, refereeing decisions and issues such as what were the role of the people sitting on the bench and why did you need substitutes? As the game moved into the second half both L and H switched increasingly into the mode of your average football fan, expounding on what they would do if playing, questioning the decisions of players and doubting the views of the officials.

Before we went to the match and after the morning’s football training, as well as other fun in the garden, there had been time to relax with a DVD. For the girls there could only be one choice ‘Bend it like Beckham’. As I wander passed on various occasions I was asked to clarify or explain various aspects of the footballing and cultural plot lines. One aspect of which was why there should be any problem when the white male coach and the Sikh girl liked each other. The response from these multicultural nine year olds to the explanation of this plot line was first the word ‘weird’ followed by a pause, followed by ‘that’s stupid’, followed by a shared pause completed with a joint statement of ‘no I don’t get it, me neither’ which translates as ‘you like someone you like them,
everything else is rubbish’.

So as the week comes to an end I seem to be in danger of finding myself spending the summer coaching an increasing number of girls in the arts of football. But then I can’t really complain, it’s fun, they get exercise, it build social skills, and in the case of the youngster in my little corner of Vienna it adds to their multicultural awareness 🙂

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