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England’s first iron lady

What ifs are fun aspects of historical study. The article on Ǽthelflaed in the August edition of the BBC’s History magazine includes a rather interesting what if? Had she not died before Edward ….’it is likely that the unification of England would have taken place, not under King Ǽthelstan in 927, but under a women, Ǽthelflaed. And her daughter Ǽlfwynn, would have succeeded her, not merely as ‘Lady of Mercia’ but as Queen of England.’

Alex Burghart’s article ‘Ǽthelflaed iron lady of Mercia’ is the latest in a series of fascinating pieces on the Anglo-Saxon’s. It describes the story of a remarkable woman who ruled, as the piece says, at a time when ‘rarely has British politics been so turbulent’.  I was also interested to discover the historic first achieved by Ǽthelflaed and her daughter Ǽlfwynn, but you should read the magazine to find out what I’m referring too.

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