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A Vienna walk – vineyards, drinks and Bill Clinton?

If you like walking but also enjoy having regular refreshment stops along the way then the vineyards near Nussdorf, Vienna, will be just up your street. In addition to the pleasure of walking along quiet lanes and paths you also get some great views out across Vienna:

I was a little disappointed on our walk the other day when the heuriger we had planned to stop at turned out to be closed (due to a late evening party the night before) but a further five minutes walking and we were happily sitting under the shade of a tree enjoying some grape juice surrounded by the vineyards.

One of the prominent sites on our walk was the Kahlenberg (a hill/mountain?) famous for its role in the second siege of Vienna when the Christian army lead by the King of Poland successfully broke the Turkish siege of the city. It’s also the location of Modul University, the sight of which stimulated the second discussion I’ve had in a week about US presidents. In this case it was the connection between Bill Clinton, Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation (CGDC), and Modul. A story in the Modul Uni spring newsletter had talked about the CGDC first annual conference, addressed by Bill Clinton (amongst others) and that the CGDC  provides ‘thirteen scholarships annually for students from the Western Balkans to attend MODUL University’s MBA in Public Governance and Management program’.



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