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Salzburg gives boost to Greens in national polls

The first two polls since the SPÖ (Social Democrats) took a hammering in the Salzburg State election show the party losing ground, though they retain first spot in the national polls. Worryingly for the Party, in general election year, this seems to be part of a downward trend. Over the last year or more, each time they have a noticeable drop in the polls they recover but their new average high is lower than before.

Things are a little better for the other half of Austria’s ruling grand Coalition, the ÖVP (conservatives), whose poll ratings remain steady. They topped the polls in three of the four State elections this year but lost more votes than any other party when compared to the previous the elections – new record lows in their wins in Tirol and Salzburg. The positive news for the Party is that polling data shows that those currently supporting the ÖVP are some of the most motivated of the electorate.

The two latest polls below show a small surge for the Greens (centre-left) who have recently been flat-lining in the national opinion polls at 13%. If these results are repeated in further polls then the Greens will make an important breakthrough, moving their average figure above 15%. However, their current average rating shows them only having recovered to the level they achieved at the beginning of January this year.

In both the national opinion polls and State elections it’s been a bad year so far for the (Far-Right) FPÖ. They will be relieved to see that their poll ratings have not dropped any further (down 7.6% points since January 2012).

The party of billionaire Austro-Canadian businessman Frank Stronach, Team Stronach (Populist-Right), have had a mixed time in the State elections and their current average poll rating is down 1.2% compared with January and down 1.6% in comparison to the 11% in the polls when the Party was founded last September. Given the millions spent by Frank already he can’t be happy with the current rate of return on his investment.

Latest polls:

SPÖ 25%,  ÖVP 24%,  FPÖ 19%,  Greens 16%,  Team Stronach: 10%,  BZÖ 2%,  Pirates 2%  (10th May 2013: Market/derstandard)

SPÖ 26%,  ÖVP 25%,  FPÖ 19%,  Greens 15%,  Team Stronach: 9%,  BZÖ 2%,   KPÖ 1%,  Pirates 1%  (9th May 2013; Gallup/Österreich)


Current national average ratings based upon last five polls:

SPÖ: 26.8%,  ÖVP: 24.6%,  FPÖ 19.0%,  Greens 14.2%,  Team Stronach: 9.4%,  BZÖ 1.8.0%,  Others 4.2%

Percentage variation across last five polls:

SPÖ: 25%-28%, ÖVP: 24%-25%, FPÖ 19%, Greens 13%-16%, Team Stronach: 8%-10%, BZÖ 1%-2%


Market/Standard 10-05-13
Gallup/oe24 09-05-13
Karmasin/heute 03-05-13
Gallup/oe24 28-04-13
Karmasin/profil 20-04-13


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New Year debate generates little poll movement

The first polls of 2013 are in and the mid-January running average  (of the last five polls) suggests that the recent headline grabbing issues of conscription, asylum, crime, and corruption have had little effect on the standing of the Parties ratings:

SPÖ 27.0%; ÖVP 22.6%; FPÖ 20.8%; Greens 14.2%; BZÖ 2.4%; Team Stronach 9.4%; Others 3.6%*

Two of the last five polls specifically asked about the KPÖ (Austrian Communist Party) who were the big winners in the Graz City elections late latest year. The earlier poll gave them support of 4%, which in the more recent survey was down to 2%. It will be interesting to see how the Left Alliance fighting the State election in Kärnten performs. This group of breakaway Social Democrats, Communists and others may give an indication of the potential support for a Left grouping in this year’s General Election.

Based on the polls in which they were specifically identified the Austrian Pirate Party are averaging 1.4%.


*Sources: Gallup/oe24 13-01-13
Oekonsult 11-01-13
Market/Standard 02-01-13
Gallup/oe24 30-12-12
Market/Standard 16-12-12


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We’ve been having fun with this political test – why not have a go yourself?

You don’t have to be Austrian to take the test and most of the 25 questions are understandable using Google translate if you don’t speak German.

I’ve been having fun challenging friends and family to take the http://wahlkabine.at/2012 test which allows you to compare your views of 25 questions with all of Austria’s main parties (the exception being Team Stronach who decides not to participate). It’s been fun and sometimes surprising seeing the results. It’s not a direct guide to which party you would support if you have (had) a vote in next year’s elections as the questions focus on current topics not an election programme. For instance the Green’s may or may not have been closer to my opinions if the survey had had a couple of questions with a more specific environmental focus.

For non-Austrians its fun to compare who you support in your own country with which party you most closely agree with in Austria.

Here’s the link to the questions

My own test result was:

Have fun 🙂


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