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Latest poll has more bad news for far-Right

The latest poll in the Profil magazine has some good news for the conservative ÖVP. They score highest of all the Parties (23%) on the question of who do you trust to deal with the current economic crisis, with their governing coalition Social Democrat partners (SPÖ) scoring 19%.

Profil’s poll also shows the far-Right FPÖ only scoring 11% on the economic trust question, whilst their leader  Heinz-Christian Strache fall by two percentage points to 13% on the question of who would be the best Chancellor (equivelant to British Prime Minister). Both figures add further weight to my thought, expressed in previous posts, that the FPÖ vote is soft despite the Party continuing to hold second place in the polls for the last six months or more.

Below is my updated average of the five most recent polls I’ve come across:

Polls GE 2008 Change
SPO 29.00% 29.3% -0.30%
OVP 24.20% 26% -1.80%
FPO 25.80% 17.5% 8.30%
Greens 13.80% 10.4% 3.40%
BZO 4.60% 10.7% -6.10%
Others 2.80% 6.1% -3.30%
Sources: Karmasin/Profil 14-01-12
Gallup, 01-01-2012
IMAS, 28-12-2011
Gallup, 25-12-2011
ATV, 15-12-2011

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