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Is the end of the world actually today?…or Wednesday?

With much hope in their hearts, a little fear in their guts and the single mindedness of the true believers, a small group of the faithful will sit today amongst the devils own spawn awaiting the great moment. Only by entering the temple of the unbeliever can the faithful, through trial and tribulation, help bring forth the 100 years prophecy. Only by rising up at the moment of the
unbelievers fall can the faithful achieve true rapture, which is necessary to prepare themselves fully to enter the holy place for judgement day on Wednesday 25th May 2011.

The gods have truly tested the faithful in this year of prophecy. The skill and efforts of the disciples have not always been rewarded by the glorious ‘three points’. The faithful has been left bemused, as for example, the gods have allowed the referee to award a goal even though he admitted that he had seen an opposition player 15 yards inside our half at kick-off who then participated in the move that lead to the goal. We have sat bemused as the best footballing side in the league has time and again decided that it’s more fun to wait until the second half to actually start playing.

But the gods will have their fun. If results go as expected today, on Wednesday Austria Wien will start the final game of the season in third place and will be taking on fellow title rivals Salzburg. As the gods roll their dice the Violets will step forth to vanquish the Red Bull, whilst on a distant field Sturm Graz’s challenge will turn into a whiff of a summer breeze.

So the prophecy ¹ will be fulfilled. In the 100th year of the club Austria Wien will upon judgement day be crowned champions and
the faithful will be in rapture, lifted to new heights whilst the unbelievers known as the Rapid will have failed to qualify for European football next season.

¹ Disclaimer: Whilst the gods are all powerful, all knowing and absolute right without fail, they cannot be held responsible for the
misuse, misquotes and generally misinterpretation (of their statements, actions, or mess leftover from last night’s party) by mere mortals. All prophecy can be rescheduled, rerouted or cancelled up to one second before departure. The gods take no responsibility for lost Prophets or liability for any actions undertaken by believers in their name.

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