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Summer nights in front of City Hall with a film

The Vienna Music Film Festival is taking place in the Rathausplatz. I was in the platz for a bite to eat yesterday and took a few pictures but I’ll be heading back to enjoy some films on Vienna’s warm summer nights.


Here’s a link to the Festival programme









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The Vienna party starts anew

There is always a buzz in Vienna, always things going on. However, to me, the period from the end of September through to mid-November is as close as the city ever gets to taking a pause.

Then as you start to wrap up, with autumn turning to winter, small huts start to be erected across the city, street decorations are installed and the purveyors of holiday trinkets bring forth their wares. All over Vienna the Christmas markets beginning to open, signalling the start of another year of partying in the City.

Walking through the Rathausplatz the other evening, between the stalls still being erected and those being prepared for the opening of the market on the 17th November,  I took a look at the Christmas tree that takes pride of place in front of the City Hall. Not yet decorated, this tree has got a bit of a history having already been to the Vatican where it was rejected – more on this story here in the Austrian Times.

The Christmas markets provide the City with an enhanced sense of the Christmas festivities. They also reflect the Austrian habit of socialising outside all year round. No matter how cold it gets (& even better if it snows) we will all be standing around with our Glühwien and food chatting away to friends and enjoying the party which will carry on through New Year celebrations, winter activities, spring festivals and the gorgeous summer months by the river and in the vineyards.

If you are paying a visit to Vienna here’s a link to more details on the Christmas Markets

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Putting kids to work

Well I’m about to spend my second day in a row at the Rathaus, Vienna’s gothic style City Hall. The reason being the free children’s play event in which they get to spend their time ‘working’ in a variety of jobs from banking and tax collecting through to park maintenance and construction, with roles such as postal worker, waiter or librarian to be undertaken along the way.

This is so popular with H and her friends that they were on the go doing different jobs from 10am when the event opened through to closing time at 5pm.

Whilst down at City Hall we took a lunch break and strolled into the platz in front of the building where, at this time of year you, can sit and have lunch from temporary restaurants providing food from all quarters of the world.

The Rathausplatz is also hosts a summer open air film festival  which I never seem to have time to go and enjoy.


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