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Wine and hailstones

A friend of mine recently returned from a week’s hiking in the Steiermark. They brought back the news that this year’s grape crop is particularly good and that the wine it will provide next year will be of exceptionally high quality and quality (as good as 2003).

So this is all good news for the local wine producers?

Well for most a very definite yes.  But alas for a few an event in recent weeks has deprived them of the chance to benefit from this bounty. It seems that there was a long narrow weather corridor across Steiermark which produced an
intensive hail storm and the hailstones destroyed most of the grapes in their path. This would be a sad story in any year for those affected but when it occurs in an exceptional growing year I think this would drive me crazy.

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Wild rampage

It’s one of those things about certain stories they’re a bit like a London bus, you don’t see one for hours and then two turn up within minutes of each other – unlike Vienna trams which just keep turning up J

Anyway, it was only a day or so ago that R was telling me the story of the Lower Austria resident who is desperate to find a way to stop his garden being dug up by visiting wild boar. Now, today, the Austrian Times has an article about wild boar being on the rampage in Steiermark. Austria has a very activate range of wildlife and occasionally I’m lucky enough to see the Pine Martin who makes regular visits to our garden. A lovely animal but it can do damage to the car – oh well.


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