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The Bulle von Tölz and a glass of St. Laurent

Tonight I’ll be settling down to watch one of my favourite programmes on Austrian television – Der Bulle von Tölz. Despite not speaking German and rarely watching police/crime dramas, this particular programme is a must for me. It’s partly the slow, easy going pace of the stories and dialogue which gives me at least some chance to follow the story. It’s partly the interplay between the characters which can be entertaining even without a solid knowledge of the language. However, it’s more specifically the lead actor Ottfried Fischer who makes the most unlikely Policeman and whose acting style is brilliantly head shots to camera. I also have been known to watch him in a series where he plays a report and in another which is a German version of Father Brown – all roles with little ‘action’ but lots of drama in the delivery of the lines. For English readers, think of an overweight Roger Moore but better.

For an English summary of Der Bulle von Tölz here’s a link to a description on Wikipedia:


In celebration of the first day meteorological spring and to assist my viewing enjoyment I’ve poured a glass of the St. Laurent from the Karl Mayr vineyard. As ever it a light and refreshing red that never fails to please. After a long and slightly stressful day what more could you ask for than a good Wachau wine and some amusingly odd Bavarian humour.

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