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Will the 304th Vienna derby have been important? Well……

Tomorrow (Sunday 17th Feb 2013) I will join other Austria Wien fans in cheering the team as we start the Spring season (following the traditional winter break). Like most of the Veilchen, I’m still on a high from seeing the Violets crowned ‘Winter Kings’ – first in the league, 7 points ahead of nearest rivals Salzburg, and with a 10 point lead over Rapid Wien. The computer has ordained that we will kick-off the second half of our 2012-13 campaign with the chance to win our third Vienna derby of the season.

The story so far:

3rd round of the season                 –             Rapid 0:3 Austria

4th round of season                        –             Salzburg 0:2 Rapid

9th round of the season                 –            Austria 0:1 Salzburg

12th round of the season              –           Austria 2:0 Rapid

13th round of the season               –            Rapid 2:0 Salzburg

18th round of the season              –           Salzburg 0:0 Austria

Top of Premiership Table

  1. Austria 48pts
  2. Salzburg 41pts
  3. Rapid 38pts
  4. Sturm Graz 35pts

The results may have gone our way in the two derby matches so far but we haven’t beaten our nearest rivals Salzburg who have themselves succumbed twice to Rapid. The point is that neither the derby clashes nor the games against Salzburg have played a decisive role in the story of the first half of the season. Austria gained there lead through consistency of performance week in week out. With the squad still intact after the close of the transfer window and in fact enhanced by the re-signing of Nacer Barazite (returning after a year way at Monaco), all the signs point to an equally strong Spring campaign.

So what of the derby tomorrow? Well it’s always important to every fan no matter where the two teams are in the league. It however looks unlikely to have any impact on the final positions at the end of the season. Does this mean I will be relaxed tomorrow? That I don’t care about the derby result? Of course not! If, as I hope, we win the match I’ll be ecstatic. If the unthinkable happens I’ll be as miserable as sin. But no matter what, the result will not determine the destiny of the two teams for the rest of the season.

Rapid are on a run of seven games without a win against Austria. I suspect that run won’t end tomorrow afternoon. If we get off to a good start it could be another 0:3 win but a win by one goal is more likely…….but then the real fun of football is that every game is different and derby games are particularly unpredictable 🙂

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Derby weekend

21st (part 3) August 2011

Excellent. 0:3 won in Vienna derby leaves me thinking we can win the league, Probably only Salzburg could match us.

21st (part 2) August 2011

Well I was wrong, We won 0:3. Austria have the potential to win the league.

21st August 2011

Well Leicester threw away a two goal lead in strange circumstance – final score 2:2.

Now off to watch Vienna derby hoping for better from Austria Wien.

20th August 2011

Well it’s derby weekend for me. Leicester City will shortly kick-off their match against Nottingham Forrest and interestingly this season both clubs are managed by ex-England managers. Hopefully a Leicester win, in the 99th derby, will be the start of a good run of form which will see the Foxes challenging for the league title and promotion to the Premiership.

Then tomorrow I’ll be join friends to watch Austria Wien secure the first derby win of the season against local rivals Rapid. The game is being staged at the national stadium as part of the punishment and security arrangements against Rapid after the last derby match of last season was abandoned due to the pitch invasion by about 200 Rapid fans.

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Vienna Derby – Football, Politics, Greeks and Germans

The government parties had already reacted to the pitch invasion by Rapid Wien fans at last weekend’s Vienna derby. It’s now being reported that the Greens have called for clubs to lose points if their fans become violent, whilst the far right FPO have caused an outcry by saying that current laws don’t need reforming.

Oddly one of the things that has always put me off Rapid is the alleged support some of their hard core fans are said to give to a certain political party.

Returning to the events on Sunday, today’s Austrian Time says ‘Greek and German hooligans are suspected of being the ringleaders of the incidents, according to Austrian newspapers’ (I think they mean amongst the ringleaders) and it also reports
that ‘at least 40 people are facing legal action’ so far.

Hopefully the police investigation and wider political action can help to kill off this sought of bollocks from people who often seem to have little interest in what is actually happening on the football pitch.

In the meantime, I’m off to watch Austria Wien play their final game of the season, hopefully
winning the league. Forza Viola!


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English model for Austrian football?

The events at the Vienna derby have caused wide spread discussion and now the Government are getting involved. I note from today’s Austrian Times that The minister explained she assigned a high-profile police general to create an action plan over the issue in cooperation with the Austrian Bundesliga and club representatives. Mikl-Leitner named England as a possible role model forAustria in handling the problem….’


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