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We’ve been having fun with this political test – why not have a go yourself?

You don’t have to be Austrian to take the test and most of the 25 questions are understandable using Google translate if you don’t speak German.

I’ve been having fun challenging friends and family to take the http://wahlkabine.at/2012 test which allows you to compare your views of 25 questions with all of Austria’s main parties (the exception being Team Stronach who decides not to participate). It’s been fun and sometimes surprising seeing the results. It’s not a direct guide to which party you would support if you have (had) a vote in next year’s elections as the questions focus on current topics not an election programme. For instance the Green’s may or may not have been closer to my opinions if the survey had had a couple of questions with a more specific environmental focus.

For non-Austrians its fun to compare who you support in your own country with which party you most closely agree with in Austria.

Here’s the link to the questions

My own test result was:

Have fun 🙂


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