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Mountain springs, 36 hours, 65 million kilowatt hours of power, and my tap.

The Vienna ‘Now Or Never’ Facebook site has been flagging up the fact that today is ‘World Water Day’ and that 950 Viennese fountains and drinking water fountains have started ‘bubbling again’.

They’ve also been promoting this link to the story on their website about the city’s water supply.  For Vienna residents there is no need to buy bottled water if we want to enjoy mountain spring water, we simply have to turn on the tap in the kitchen. The water flowing into our glasses has traveled, without pumps, for 36 hours from mountain springs in the Syrian/Lower Austrian Alps and along the way has helped to generate 65 million kilowatt hours of power.

Well time for another glass of fresh spring water to celebrate the day.

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Water, sand and dragon boats – Vienna in June

A few images of life around the waterways of Vienna and Lower Austria in June:

The beach at Tel Aviv bar and other venues along the Donau canal…..

Swimming in Lower Austria….

Dragon boat racing in the Alte Donau ……


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